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FanFic Saturday! - Interview

3. october 2015 at 19:52 | Spritey |  FanFic Saturday
First fanfic here!
"Wow, Stana, you look amazing!" Nathan said when his girlfriend showed up in living room in nice black top.
"Thanks, Nathan. But I think I have big butt in this suit," she replied and looked at herself in the mirror.
"You, ladies are terrible in this. Stana, you look stunning and if you didn't have to leave now...let's just say I would choose another outfit for you."
"Yeah? Which one? That nice cream dress?" Stana asked finishing her make-up.
"No, honey. Beckett's invisible clothing would be perfect," Nathan claimed and stepped behind Stana. He pulled her in a tight hug and gave her slow kiss in the hair. "Nathan! You just ruined my hair! I have to chan..." she was interrupted by more passionate kiss on the lips. Nathan's hands ran up and down Stana's back, trying to find the zipper. She moaned. She knew she probably shouldn't be doing this, but Nathan's lips on her neck were convincing.
"Sweetheart, you know I have to leave. I have to be there in an hour and half. I have to call my assistant and..."
"I know this is important for you and your project, so we'll make it quick, okay?" Nathan asked without giving Stana time to think. He grabbed the zipper and pulled it, maybe with too much force. Something cracked. Dear God, hope that she didn't hear it, Nathan prayed, but it was too late.
"Nathan Christopher Fillion, you just damaged my skirt! And if I don't have skirt, I have to change my whole outfit and that will take forever!"
"Come on, you look good in everything. You could be dressed in duffle bag and you'll still look good and hot."
"I still can't understand how do you do this. You just talk and women believe you. But okay I will..."
"Make love with you, charming Nathan," Nathan finished the sentence and took her to her bedroom.
When she arrived to the studio, she was wondering how she could get there in time. When she was with Nathan, she forgot the time. She could just think about him.
The interview went like she was excepting, she said about her project and she didn't get any of these 'relationship' questions.
'Good job, girl,' she thought while opening her apartment door. No sign of anybody's presence. Nathan probably left, he had to study his lines. She threw her bag on the couch and stripped off her coat. She took off her boots and then she made her way to the bathroom. Her phone vibrated and she checked who was writing. She smiled when she saw the name.
'You were amazing, Banana. Your Apple.' "Banana? Really?" she sighed. She doesn't like that nickname but from Nathan everything sounds sweet and perfect.Even Stana Banana. Stana finished putting down her clothes and make-up and hopped in a shower. The hot water made her feel good. Not as much as Nathan's hug, but it was relaxing. She felt fresh after the shower. She smelled like fruit and she felt the relief. In her PJ's she went to her bedroom. She was surprised when she saw Nathan there, his lines on her nightstand. He was laying on her bed, his body on every inch of the king sized bed. 'You wanted to make sure that I won't sleep on my bed, right?' she thought. She stepped towards the bed and pushed Nathan aside. He mumbled and started snoring.
"Damn, Nathan!"
"Always," he replied and sat, full of energy.
"I thought you were asleep!" Stana said and climbed on the bed. She took the covers and got closer to Nathan.
"That was the plan. And, admit it, I am great actor," he replied chuckling, giving Stana a soft kiss on the forehead.
"Sure you are. But this was not acting this was lying!"
"I don't think so. So Ms. Katic, you're selling our create? Your Pilot Shirt?"
He asked. He was touched by it. It was something he considered important.
"Yeah. You know it's for the project. That nothing will change between us. It's not just a shirt and that's what will people think. Anyway I still have that T-Shirt cuts."
Stana shut off the light and hugged Nathan closer. She was doing circles with her fingers against his chest.
"I was tired when I was going home, but now I have energy. Energy for some...activities," she claimed and reached for a kiss.
"What do you mean, Ms. Katic? You want to..."
"Mhmm..." They got rid off their PJ's and slowly enjoyed each otjer. The innocent kisses turned to passionate ones. When they were both about to go sleep, Nathan asked Stana: "Are you still mad at me because of that skirt?"
Stana yawned and sleepily answered: "I didn't like that damn skirt." Nathan smiled and in tight hug they fell asleep.
The end.